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At transit stops from the east end of the Pine-Pike corridor to the waterfront, commuters occasionally encounter an unmarked black book that fits pleasantly in the hand. A pen is always taped across the cover with dirty scotch tape. The book is unlined and the front is filled with pages of hand-inked and annotated transit maps. They include many stops you have never seen before, stops that should not exist. The rest is a scramble of dreams, empty pages, graffiti and wish fulfillment. Wherever the book is found –on the ground or leaned upright on a sheltered bench- it is always during a deluge. The book, however, never gets wet.

If you find this book, feel free to write in it and pass it on. Your dreams will be beneficial if you do this. If you are the type of person who finds the maps useful –and they are very useful to many people- you should go promptly to an office supply shop (it absolutely must be one you can reach within one bus transfer or on foot) and purchase a lockbox just large enough to fit the book. Do not mark the box in any way to indicate the contents; in fact, if there is a brand engraved anywhere on the box, file it off as soon as possible. Tell no strangers you have the book. It is unlikely you will be able to keep it for more than a year.

Whatever route you choose to take, do not write your name in the book.
Tags: seattle, travel, username:eveanhei
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