Me (eveanhei) wrote in secret_cities,


There is a point in many men’s lives when they hunger for things they do not have –and perhaps never had: enthralled younger women, tight abs, money, fast cars and no responsibilities.

Many women want these or similar things as well, but if they go up Lake City Way in search of a strip mall they’ve been told about, they will find nothing but a thriftshop, a nail parlor, and a gas station. Old men who have been told to look out for the same thing will find a forth storefront, a spartan place with a front desk and a pod much like a tanning bed, down the hall in a room with no door.

For a modest upfront fee, they can lie down in the pod for fifteen minutes.

They emerge changed men, young, trim, and bereft of obligations.

But all such things are fleeting if not outright illusory, and they will possess them for a far shorter time than even youth does.

Chances are they will never realize it, but it is not a worthwhile trade.
Tags: seattle, username:eveanhei
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