The Secret Lives of Cities

Every City Has Its Secrets

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Every city has a public life: the face it shows the world. It has apartments and houses and buses and shops and work places and people bustling about doing productive things. Every city has a private life: the face that long time residents know about. It has farmers' markets and corner diners and hole-in-the-wall clubs and hidden parks, tiny gems that only people who know the city well know about. Every city has a secret life: the face behind the mask, the face that few see. Every city has secrets; secrets about its past, its present, its future. Secrets about what hides in alley ways and lives in corners and steals children; secrets about what actually keeps the city running.

This a place for the stories detailing the secret lives of cities.

In a nutshell, this is a community for short fiction about the dark, supernatural, underbelly of cities. Inspired by 200 Phenomena in the City of Calgary and Secret Chicago, this is a place for original creepypasta about cities. It is also a place to post urban legends, photographs, art, and other resources for creepypasta about cities.

This community is moderated by shadefell. Membership and posting are both open.


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--No, post a link and a description/summary to the original story/entry.

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--That is up to your judgment and discretion.

May I promote communities here?
--Email me (brigidkeely at gmail com) with a link and description and I'll make a judgment.

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--Don't just drop an ad for a book and run. That's rude.

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--Yes, but those things are often freakier with a story attached.